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For Young Musicians

Shoals: Sons de Mar
For student ensembles.
Commissioned by Hull Philharmonic Society for its Sounding the Deep project 2012.

Weird Water Land - Wind Quintet
6 min

Deep Sea Diver - 2-part junior choir and piano
5 min

Into the Green Inverted Dawn - String Quartet
8 min

Never Day & Under Night - 8-part Cello Ensemble
5 min

To the Dark Unseen - String Dectet
5 min

Blaze - Percussion octet
10 min
Workshop scores for this collection now available at www.soundingthedeep.co.uk

Pocket Monster Songbook - for two part choir and electric piano
Words by Margaret Morgan

The Alphabet Bag and the Shopping Song - for voices and piano
Words by Margaret Morgan

The Creation Song - for voices and accompaniment
Words by Margaret Morgan

Celebration Conjugation - for choir (SA) and keyboard
Words by Margaret Morgan

Rhythm of the Stones - for percussion ensemble with master drummer
Based on the sculpting rhythms of Barbara Hepworth transcribed by Priaulx Rainier
12 minutes

Binham Quartet - for flute, clarinet, guitar and double bass
10 min

After Haydn - for brass quartet and ripieno brass ensemble
8 min

Making Waves - Five movements for a Seaside Orchestra (variable instrumentation)
15 minutes

Skyscapes for a Spring Storm - for large choir (SATB), large orchestra and digital soundscape
Words by Margaret Melicharova
15 min

Beethoven's Birthday
music theatre for jazz orchestra (who dance and sing!)
Words by Margaret Morgan after the Peanuts cartoon strip
15 min

Download the entire worklist [pdf]
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