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Heart of The Rock
A song sequence for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano

This work celebrates the experience of the painter and poet Ray Howard-Jones (1903-96) in a unique location, the remote island of Skomer off the South Wales peninsula. For nearly forty years she visited the island for several months at a time, often living quite alone, sometimes with the photographer Raymond Moore. Her relationship with Skomer and its environs is not only celebrated in many hundreds of her paintings and drawings but also in her poetry.

In the early 1990s when Ray Howard-Jones was in her late eighties her work was 'rediscovered' by Jonathan and David Stephenson of the famous Rocket Press. They not only brought together some five decades of her work in the 1993 Rocket Contemporary Art Retrospective Exhibition (at 'The Gallery in Cork Street', London), but published a monograph titled Ray Howard-Jones: The Elements of an Art and a collection of her poetry titled Heart of The Rock.

Evensong, by Ray Howard-Jones.

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