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Dreaming Aloud - solo guitar
Commissioned for Alan Thomas
12 min

System Studies - solo guitar
Commissioned for Julio D'Escrivan
10 min

Sense of Place - four seasons for solo guitar
Commissioned with funds from Arts Council England
35 min

Four Preludes - for electric guitar and computer-driven synthesisers
Commissioned for Electric Spring @ Huddersfield University
10 min

Continuum with Blues
- electric guitar and Active Notation System
Commissioned for Alan Thomas
10 min

Improving Silence - Three Quaker texts for soprano voice and guitar
10 min

The Conscience Pure - three Quaker texts for midwinter, soprano voice and guitar
10 min

- flute and guitar
15 min

Beowulf Music
- guitar and percussion
Commissioned by the National Theatre
20 min

Chromium 2 (Alexis Kirke - edited Nigel Morgan) - solo guitar
A collaboration with the composer and mathematician Alexis Kirke
6 minutes

Download the entire worklist [pdf]

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