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Nine Figures on a Hill - Choral Songs for Double Choir (SSAATTBB)
Commissioned for Cantemus Wales
Words by Margaret Morgan
17 minutes

The World Below the Brine - for large chorus (SATB)
Words by Walt Whitman
7 minutes

Five Studies after Josef Albers  - for choir (SATB) and piano
words by Josef Albers, Bridget Riley and Margaret Morgan (after Lucretius)
15 min

Vocalism (from Schizophonia) - for choir (SATB) and electric piano
Words by Walt Whitman
12 minutes

Esther Dyson's 12 Design Rules (from Schizophonia) - for choir (SATB) and keyboard,
(with optional double bass and vibraphone)
words by Esther Dyson
10 min

The Present Moment is the Only Real Time - for girls' voices and electric piano
Commissioned for the Hepworth Centenary by Yorkshire Sculpture Park
with funds from the Worshipful Company of Musicians
Words by Dame Barbara Hepworth
10 min

The Text is a Star - for soloists (ATB), choir (SSATB) and chamber organ
Words by Margaret Morgan (after the sermon preached before King James
on Christmas Day 1622 by Bishop Lancelot Andrewes)
Commissioned for the 400th Anniversary of the consecration as Bishop of Lancelot Andrewes
20-25 minutes

Under Attermire Scar - for chamber choir (SATB)
words by Nigel Morgan
8 minutes

Study of the Object - for voices (SATB)
15 minutes

A Year of Colour - 12 songs for chamber choir (SATB)
Words by Nigel Morgan
40 minutes

Advent Collects - choir (SATB)
Commissioned by Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir
Words from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer

Christmas Collects - choir (SATB) and chamber organ
Words from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer

Gloria à Tre Cori - voices (SSSAAATTTBBB) and chamber organ
4 min

The Heavens are Telling - Three Spiritual Madrigals for choir (SSATB)
Words from Psalms 8, 18 and 28, reintrepreted by Margaret Morgan
12 min

In Finem Psalmus David - 4 solo singers (SATB)
Commissioned for Det Norsk Solistkor
7 min

Swallows - three equal voices (SSS or TTT)
Words by Kathleen Jamie
7 min

Instantis Adventum Dei - female voices (SA) and chamber organ
Commissioned for Stanbrook Abbey
4 min

Te Joseph Celebrent - female voices (SA) and chamber organ
5 min

Ut Queant Laxis - female voices (SA) and chamber organ
5 min

Dominus Possedit Me - solo soprano, choir (SATB) and chamber organ
2 min

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