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Objects of Curiosity (SuperCity) - string quartet (with digital media)
Commissioned for the Kronos Quartet
9 min

Objects of Curiosity (The Prisoner)
- double bass and piano
20 min

Vehemence - quartet for clarinet in Eb, violin, violoncello and piano
25 min

The Arrival of Spring, part 1 - for wind quintet
17 min

Chicago Quartet #1 - for mixed ensemble
24 min

Axioms - saxophone quartet with keyboard, bass and percussion
15-20 min

Le Jardin Sec
- string quartet
Commissioned for the Johnston Quartet
7 min

Quintet - for piano and winds
12-15 min

Seven Archetypes
- for wind quintet
14 min

Fifteen Images (Le Jardin Pluvieux)
Harmony music for wind octet
20 - 45 min

Fifteen Images (Le Jardin Pluvieux) - for tenor instrument and piano
20 - 45 min

Allegories - string quartet
10 min

Imperatives - string quartet
16 min

String Trio - for string trio
5 min

After Hindemith - for violin, cello and piano
12 min

Treeness - for viola and chamber organ
9 min

Danse CarĂªme - for viola and piano
8 min

Four Commentaries - for piano and violoncello
10 min

Every Picture Tells a Story
- fantasy piece for violoncello and piano
6 min

A World of Miracles: 12 Reflections on Childhood and Memory
- for violin and piano
22 min

L'Esquisse d'un Sourire
For violoncello and piano
5 min

- for violin and percussion
12 min


A sequence of four chamber works written between 1988 and 1991 exploring computer assisted composition using the tools of the MIDI studio.

- bass trombone and percussion
Commissioned by Eastern Arts Association
10 min

- horn and percussion
Commissioned by Eastern Arts Association
10 min

TRIO - violin, clarinet, and piano
Commissioned by Eastern Arts Association
12 min

QUARTET - string quartet
Commissioned by the Norwich Triennial Festival
25 min

EDGE - for wind quartet
Commissioned for the Woodnotes Quartet
10 min

Music for Sculptures - 4 players (variable instrumentation of diverse timbres)
Commissioned by Yorkshire Sculpture Park
25 min

Quatuor Des Timbres - 4 players (variable instrumentation of diverse timbres)
20 min

Eurus - septet with improvising musician
15 - 25 min

Seven Magical Preludes - for percussion sextet
Commissioned for the percussionists of BBCNOW
10 min

keyboard and percussion quartet
4 min

Ricercares - for brass sextet
Commissioned for the brass ensemble of Opera North
12 min

Nocturns - flute and guitar
15 min

Innocence - flute, bassoon and piano
12 min

Beowulf Music - guitar and percussion
Commissioned by the National Theatre
20 min

Fragments - for soprano sax and piano
Commissioned for Tony Coe
8 min

The Terrain of Inference - for oboe and vibraphone
5 min

Conversation with Magic Stones - for solo contrabass instrument and small ensemble
Comissioned by Yorkshire Sculpture Park
10 min

Download the entire worklist [pdf]

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