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Objects of Curiosity I
for String Orchestra
Objects of Curiosity is an expanding collection of single movement works for strings. Each of the three works planned to date focus on the vision of architects, their buildings and the way these structures animate the landscape.
  • Objects of Curiosity I - Will Alsop
  • Objects of Curiosity II - Clough William-Ellis
  • Objects of Curiosity III - Antoni Gaudí

Objects of Curiosity I draws on the work of British architect and urban planner extraordinaire Will Alsop whose visionary ideas came together in 2004 in a book and exhibition titled SuperCity. This originally formed a lively scenario for a string quartet with digital media written for the Kronos in 2004. This has now been expanded and reworked for string orchestra.

For the listener, experiencing this music is a little like walking around Alsop's exhibition. Five exhibits have inspired particular musical 'affections' or expressive qualities and provide a kind of soundtrack. These are titled: with spirit and edge, like a slow dance, calm and sensuous, nervous and excited, full of life and colour. There are also a number of 'objects of curiosity and wonder', objects 'to encourage dreams of what could be, and most importantly, encourage us to ask "what if . . .?"'. However, the music is structured to 'play' with the kind of revisiting peculiar to exhibition viewing in which one frequently comes upon already viewed exhibits but from new and a different angles and directions. There 'is' a linear quality to this music, but it is in no way a conventional one.

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