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Every Picture Tells a Story

Fantasy Piece for Violoncello and Piano

One of the favorite ice-breaker questions asked in group workshops is ‘If your house caught fire and you could only save one possession what would it be?’ Many people answer without hesitation, ‘My photo album’. Every picture tells a story, and so much so that infant teachers begin introducing concepts of history by asking children to share photos of themselves as babies, and then to find pictures of parents and grandparents. The photo can say so much, not only about ourselves, but also about the world we live in aged four, fourteen or forty.

This short fantasy piece is part of Childhood and Memory, a sequence of works written for the Robert Schumann anniversary in July 2006. It joins The White Light of Wonder (for solo piano), A World of Miracles (for violin and piano) and The Man with the Golden Key (for voice and piano or piano trio).

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