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Binham Quartet
for flute, clarinet, guitar and double bass
This quartet was written as part of the Arts Council's Spring Manouevres project and makes an appearance on the documentary music montage of that name. It was written for the team of professional musicians supporting this project to be recorded in the beautiful priory church at Binham, close to Wells-next-the-Sea.

The music was written to respond to the remarkable acoustic and atmosphere of Binham Priory and be rehearsed and recorded in a single session. This last requirement makes it an ideal piece for young musicians of ASBRM Grade VI-VIII standard.

Cast in a single movement this instrumental fantasia lasting about 7 minutes weaves intriguing lines and dialogues against a repeating but evolving sequence of 17 chords. These chords become gradually more and more complex through the use of inversions, unusual voicings and with additional chord tones .


Date of Recording: 10 April 1986
....Nicola Lipp, flute
....Gareth Stuart, clarinet
....Nigel Morgan, guitar
....Susan Redmond, double bass. [mp3]

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