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Possible Worlds
For Performer with MIDI technology
This work was commissioned by Cambridgeshire Libraries for a Fantasy and Sci-Fi Festival held in 1987. It was a collaboration between the musician Julio D'Escrivan, the poet Margaret Melicharova, the artist Brian Lewis and the composer Nigel Morgan.

The musical score was written at a period when the new technology of MIDI was just beginning to make an impact on the performance practice of musicians. It was conceived partly as a graphic score, partly as a collection of sounds and soundscapes, partly as a sequence of computer-based codes and instructions. The performer playing a MIDI controller (in the premiere a Stepp DGI Guitar Controller) is 'controlled' by a computer running a prior-recorded sequence of Sysex and patch change instructions that set up sounds, tunings, and interactions between the performer's instrument and a synthesiser and sampler.

The music was designed for performance in public libraries throughout Cambridgeshire. It was accompanied by an exhibition of remarkable alchemical paintings by Brian Lewis with interpretation and poetry by Margaret Melicharova.

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