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Le Jardin Sec
For String Quartet

from Le Jardin Sec, 'walk' II.

Le Jardin Sec is taken from a sequence of twelve short works for string quartet celebrating 'The Garden' and its relationship to the elements that give it life: sun, water and shade. The music in its duration, character and intent offers something a little different for string players and their audience. The writing for quartet contains very particular characteristics: gentleness, the ornamental, attention to group articulation, a lightness that comes from a velocity of bowing action,
playing as 'one body of sound', the employment of a limited pitch compass.

Above all, the music is conceived to provide plenty of interpretative space and opportunity. This extends to encouraging the player to explore octave transpositions and the use of timbral effects (sul ponticello, sul tastiera, glissando, portamento and tremolando).

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