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Between 1988 and 1991 Nigel Morgan created a sequence of four works, DUO (bass trombone and percussion), TRIO (violin, clarinet and piano), QUARTET (string quartet) and EDGE (wind quartet). These pieces, forming a CD-length concert called TOUCHED BY MACHINE?, were part of a sustained project to explore computer-assisted composition using the tools of the MIDI studio.
MIDI systems tend to encourage interaction with real-time processes: recording, improvisation, multi-tracking, complex layering, even sequencing, ordering and editing. However, the major factor of the composition act the composer wished to explore in TOUCHED BY MACHINE? was this new environment's support for pre-composition: the considered creation and organization of composition material; working off-line rather than on-line. This is nowhere more intensively investigated than in the TRIO for violin, clarinet and piano.

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