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for piano (left hand) and interactive computer system.

Between 1998 and 2001 Nigel Morgan was visiting studio director at University College Bretton College, a college of the arts and education that became part of the University of Leeds. During the last 18 months of his residency his research assistant was the Japanese pianist Naomi Osuga for whom he wrote three compositions, two commissioned by Bretton Hall.

Interactions was commissioned specially for a recital given by Ms Osuga in June 1999. This recital was devoted to exploring how new interactive technology might contribute to extending the virtuosity of the performer. The programme consisted of
works by Nigel Morgan, Karlheinz Essl and Robert Rowe. The decision to create a new work for piano left-hand was forced on the composer by an strain injury suffered by the pianist. As a result a five-movement suite of pieces evolved, three of which were performed using Robert Rowe's Cypher interactive system. This system, discussed in detail in Rowe's book Interactive Computer Music, was a perfect choice for the performer who had previously no experience of such technology. In 2008 Cypher's interaction library is probably best transferred to Max/MSP which gives the performer the additional opportunity to transform timbre as well as pitch, rhythm and dynamics and articulation.

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