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Tapisserie: Six Studies and a Chaconne
for solo violin

from the Chaconne.
Learning the great D minor Chaconne by J.S. Bach is one of the central experiences in the life of any serious violinist. It is also a work many violinists play, but few perform: it holds so many expectations particularly in this age of the recording in which a weighty legacy of performing practice has now been established.

I wrote Tapisserie: six studies and chaconne for solo violin after I had become captivated by a remark made by the landscape painter Tim Gibbs.

He recalled his experience of hearing Bach's Chaconne take shape under the fingers of his wife during their honeymoon in an old villa beside Lake Como. Each day Bridget would work on the piece in a different location within the villa, lending a rich tapestry of acoustic qualities to his growing experience of the music. In Tapisserie I have attempted to imagine, indeed conjure up, the circumstances surrounding such a touching and beautiful observation and circumstance.

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