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for violin and percussion
Mynydd Anelog (192 m and Long 4 45' W, Lat 51 40' N) ) is a favorite location on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales for model glider enthusiasts. They fly their remote-controlled sailplanes off the mountain and over the high sea cliffs looking out across the Irish Sea towards the island of Bardsey, one of the great centres of pilgrimage in Celtic times. From Mount Cottage, above the launching plateau on Anelog my family and I love to watch these brightly painted gliders soar against the blue sky and emerald sea.

The first time I witnessed these beautiful models in flight I was composing Passio, my concerto for solo string instrument, string orchestra and percussion. I was mesmerized by the flights of these gliders as they flew in stylish trajectories across the mountain, out to sea and back again. Thus, Flights for violin and percussion took shape. It is a rare example within my work of an attempt to capture something extra-musical: flight and the special location in which it takes place.

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