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Rilievo Schiacciato
four studies for Disklavier

from Anaglyph, by Vasilieous Nikolaou

The Greek composer Vasilieos Nikolaou was for three years a graduate student at York University, UK. He developed a particular interest in the spatial aspects of musical composition and performance. This interest resulted in many unusual experiments that often brought together the sonic with the visual. One such experiment focused on how the techniques of sculptural relief might be transposed to electroacoustic composition and, more ambitiously, to live instrumental composition. The first of his pieces to explore this area was Anaglyph for prepared piano solo, a remarkable composition making extensive use of clusters .
Despite its complex appearance and self-similar structure Anaglyph was composed entirely with pencil and paper calculation. The next stage in the experimental process was clearly to engage with computer-based systems able to model complex fractal algorithms. It was in this context that Nigel Morgan was approached by York University to tutor Vasilieos in the application of algorithmic composition techniques. As a result of this tutorial arrangement Nigel Morgan wrote two compositions as models and examples of how algorithmic techniques might absorb some of the strategies for composing Vasilieos had developed.

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