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ARRAY: Compass
For Piano or Keyboard with Interactive System

This is the second of a series of works for solo instrument under the title Array. These compositions seek a contemporary view of the great solo suites of the baroque era. A collection of new movement titles and types have been created for the Array series that reflect contemporary preoccupations rather than archaic dance forms found in the suites of Bach, Froberger and Couperin.

The aim of this ARRAY is to open up new directions in interactive performance, primarily through interaction of the performer with the musical material itself, but also by technological means. The music was conceived for performance on either acoustic piano or a MIDI keyboard using the composer's set of sonic extensions and live interactions. Even a combination of the two has been proved feasible.

ARRAY: Compass was composed for pianist Naomi Osuga as part of a period of research undertaken at Bretton College, West Yorkshire, UK during February/March 2000.

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