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Metanoia is a composition for a variable ensemble of instruments lasting about 20 minutes, It redefines the whole condition of ensemble performance and returns the musician to a performance practice of earlier times, when so much of what was presented by a composer on a notated score held a more speculative nature than it does today. Yet it makes use of aspects of auditioning, simulation and modeling through digital technologies to enable a score to be reinvented and re-presented for each performance or recording.
The word metanoia means a 'turning around of the mind'. The composition Metanoia likewise turns around contemporary preoccupations with instrumental timbre and dynamic effect towards a concentration on and celebration of the elements of melody, rhythm and the polyphony of voices. The score is written for the most part in four polyphonic lines. There are no accompaniment figures or devices. The music is relentlessly democratic and may be performed by any ensemble of instruments from four players upwards. The orchestration and instrumentation is entirely free.

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