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Dreaming Aloud
for solo guitar

Dreaming Aloud is Nigel Morgan's most ambitious work for solo classical guitar to date. Like his composition Array for solo violin this score looks back to the form of the Baroque suite and forward to new structures only possible through the new tools of algorithmic composition.

This five-movement score lasting about 10 minutes uses source material from Nicholas Slonimksy’s Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns (1947), a collection of several thousand examples much used by jazz musicians and composers. John Coltrane is said to have learnt

them all! John Adams recently celebrated their use in his orchestral work Slonimsky’s Earbox.

It is one of a number of significant compositions written since 1991 that use Slonimsky patterns as both starting points and structural devices. These include the concert length Schizophonia, Conversations with Magic Stones for double bass and ensemble, Interactions for piano (left-hand), Rising Falling for solo violin and Slonimsky Studies: Set 1 for piano, amongst others fully listed here.

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