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For Brass Sextet.

from the opening of Ricercare IV.
The brass sextet of trumpets, trombones and tuba is the standard complement of brass instruments found in most symphony orchestras, the french horns occupying an independent position between woodwind and brass. Such a sextet has its roots in the brass ensembles found in music of the sixteenth century composer Giovanni Gabrieli, in particular his elaborate ricercares written for perfomance in Venetian churches.

These four Ricercares look back to those Venetian pieces and also to the origin of the word 'ricercare' meaning 'research or experiment'. But in common with most experimental research this elaborate composition looks forward into the new musical territory that can be
explored with computers. Most computer music research focuses on exclusively sonic adventures, but there is a consistent strand of interest in how computers can be a composer's assistant, generating the complex interaction of the traditional musical parameters of pitch, rhythm, harmony, dynamics, articulation and orchestration. This is the area Nigel Morgan has explored in his work as co-developer of the Symbolic Composer software (one of the longest established commercially available systems for algorithmic composition) and more recently as a research associate and composer in residence with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR) at the University of Plymouth.

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