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For 2 pianos.
Here are five movements of a twelve movement cycle of realizations. The titles are taken from a student handbook called Studies for Composers devised in 1995 for post-graduate composers at the National Conservatoire of Greece.

From Studies for Composers (1995)

Consider these studies just as you would technical studies for an instrument. They are not to be worked through once and put away, but tried many times – from different angles; for different instrumentations. They are designed to be at the heart of a composer’s compositional thinking, as a reminder of the constant need to assess and reassess the role of those fundamental components that make up musical composition. They may also serve as the musician's equivalent to a visual artist making quick sketches - short, sharp, to the point (even if you miss the point!). It is the 'action and activity' of composing that is important here, a kind of 'composing practice'. The result of this approach should be a faster response and a keener imagination.

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