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for solo piano

One of the Tidemark books, by Alice Fox.

Tidemarks is a series 'in progress' of ten pieces for keyboard. The title and inspiration come for some 23 artists' books created by textile artist Alice Fox. Some are directly connected to her multi-media work Gifts from the Ebb Tide, others to her exhibition Textures of Spurn. These books are created from the impress of objects found by the seashore and presented to the viewer as a collection of marks often highlighted by stitch in silk and cotton yarns.

For the composer the tidemark books present sequences of images that open concertina-fashion before the eyes and provide a powerful linear form, not unlike a piece of music in graphic notation.

Repetition and development found in these tidemark images are as unusual as they are varied and provide a host of inspiration to the composer seeking ideas for developing short, intimate pieces of keyboard music.

Tidemark 1 is composed for the pianist Andrew Pate who coordinated the premiere in March 2012 of Nigel Morgan's large-scale public project Sounding the Deep.

Tidemark 1 [pdf] [mp3]

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