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Music for Sculptures

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InMusic for Sculptures I selected 4 sculptures by Barbara Hepworth that had musical titles or associations. Three were featured in the Centenary Exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park , the fourth is the sculpture Hepworth was working on when Priaulx Rainier wrote the Rhythm of the Stones, and it's the one that has probably the most provocative musical title!

The piece is not a musical commentary on Hepworth's sculpture but attempts to connect with what I have been able to discover about her musical interests and experiences - which have resonances with my own. The music was created in something of the same spirit as her sculptures - where a clear conception of the work had to be in place before 'the

making' could begin. Whereas Hepworth made many preliminary sketches and plans, my own preparation for Music for Sculptures was achieved through developing the pre-compositional material and rough prototypes within a computer environment for composing.

For performers and listeners I have sought a further layer of 'comment' and illustration through the commissioning of 4 poems (from the poet Margaret Morgan). For the performer these poems are there to provide impetus towards developing unique and imaginative interpretations of the music; for the listener the texts may help counter-balance the weight of abstraction and lack of conventional reference that the music, like the sculptures, contain.

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