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I discovered the poetry of Kathleen Raine through Ian Skelly's radio feature A Note Struck by the Stars broadcast in 2001. It was a revelation. How had I missed such poetry? I immediately set out to read what I could and soon discovered so much was out of print. A gift of her Autobiographies began unwrapping what so often has felt like the voice of a kindred spirit. In those pages I discovered her connection with Barbara Hepworth. In some sense Stone and Flower chose itself as a focus for musical attention.

When the opportunity came to present Stone and Flower as part of the Hepworth Centenary Exhibitions it was the time and location described in the poetry and the backdrop to Hepworth's sculpture of that period that engaged me. In the late 1930s both women adopted a rural isolation, balancing the demands of young children with their need to survive financially and develop as artists. Kathleen Raine 'escaped' to the remote valley of Martindale near Ullswater in the northern part of the Lake District. She lived for three years with her two children in Martindale vicarage, 'the most beautiful white house imaginable, stood in its own field, with a great lime tree at the gate and a beck fringed with birch and alder bounding its little domain. It stood empty, waiting for me.' It was here she wrote her first book of poems, Stone and Flower, subsequently published with drawings by Barbara Hepworth.

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