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I began my association with the software application Symbolic Composer in 1990. As a teaching academic at Anglia Polytechnic University I had been investigating how the new MIDI technology might support and enhance the pre-compositional work of a composer . . . and found the direction being taken by developers towards sonic production and desk-top publishing of scores was doing little to enhance the craft of composing. It was for this reason I began to investigate current research into generative and algorithmic software. Through the MA research into fractals and music composition of composer Janet Owen Thomas I discovered a very early version of Symbolic Composer for the Atari computer. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Making contact with its Finnish author I became involved first as a composer testing the system against my day-to-day work, and then as a co-developer porting the system to Macintosh, eventually providing support for other composers keen to use the software. These included a number of internationally regarded educators and composers, Professor Gustav Ciamaga of Toronto University and David Lumsdaine formerly of Durham and King's College London. My active work as developer has now been taking over by the brilliant Polish composer Janusz Podrazik.

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