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For viola and chamber organ

Treeness is a single-movement work in four sections for the unusual combination of viola and chamber organ. It was commissioned in 2007 by the publishers A-R Editions for a new book on Music and Artificial Life. This book includes a chapter by Nigel Morgan on a composition for wind, brass and percussion called Heartstone. This 7-movement work composed in the early 1990s employed Lindenmayer Systems: algorithms using elements of natural language from which vivid artificial plants and trees can be drawn in 2D. For the book's accompanying CD, a shorter single-movement chamber work was developed that presented the remarkable evolutionary-like patterning of the L-System algorithm in a more explicit and didactic way. Its unusual title Treeness is explained here:

In the early days of composing with Chaotic and A-Life systems
there was a tendency to regard such work as a search for musical revelation, an entry into a new and different world of sound and structure. Some composers have reacted against this by working with dynamic non-linear systems that bring together the beauty and simplicity of fractal generation with extreme highs and lows of disorder. Heartstone makes a serious attempt to seek integration of modes and possibilities in organic modelling within the composer's modus operandi...

For the composer his introduction to the beautiful tree-like structures visualised in 2D with L-Systems speak of the Gestalt of tree, a treeness more intense and exact than the living object, and able, because of this exactness, to be embedded as a structural mechanism to play in the musical imagination - with or without sounds.

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