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Forms in Movement
For solo piano
This is a collection of new musical 'forms in movement' devised between 1993-4 as short essays in computer-assisted composition. Each piece explores modes of composing only viable with the assistance of computer programming.

The title comes from one of the series of sculptures with musical titles Barbara Hepworth created in the mid 1950s. Nigel Morgan has fashioned a series of pieces as a musical commentary to Hepworth's sculptures of this period in his ensemble work Music for Sculptures commissioned for Hepworth's centenary celebrations in 2003.

Each of these four musical 'forms in movement' have been illustrated with woodcuts and etchings that present a visual accompaniment to the music. The final woodcut in this series (by Diane Griffiths) was specially made to illustrate the poem Landscape by Margaret Melicharova from which the music is derived through computation.

BARBARA HEPWORTH. Forms in Movement (Pavan) 1956 (cast 1967) Bronze

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