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An Invention for Mr. K
For keyboard instrument

In 1988 I visited Japan at the invitation of the Roland Corporation. During my visit I had the opportunity to meet the chief executive and founder of Roland Mr Ikutaro Kakehashi. Mr. K, as he is affectionately known to his employees, is a truly inspirational figure who has brought together a love of music with a flair and imagination for micro electronics and business development. This short invention was composed as a gift for Mr. K at the suggestion of Alistair Jones, the head of Roland's Education Division in the UK.
Just prior to my Japanese visit Mr.K had personally initiated the research and development of an electronic continuo instrument, the Roland C-50. Some 500 of these unique instruments were made. Ideal for the rigours of touring, many are still regularly used by professional ensembles. Read a description of the C-50 instrument from Gordon Reid's History of Roland published in Sound on Sound in 2005.

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