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Objects of Curiosity II
For double bass and string orchestra
Objects of Curiosity is an expanding collection of single movement works for strings. Each of the three works planned to date focus on the vision of architects, their buildings and the way these structures animate the landscape.

· Objects of Curiosity I - Will Alsop
· Objects of Curiosity II - Clough William-Ellis
· Objects of Curiosity III - Antoni Gaudí

Objects of Curiosity II draws on the work of the visionary British architect and town planner Sir Clough William-Ellis whose legacy is the Italianate village of Portmeirion in North Wales. Begun in the 1920s and eventually finished in 1976, Portmeirion was intended to be a demonstration of how a naturally beautiful site could be developed sympathetically. It also inadvertently provided the perfect backdrop for the TV series The Prisoner in the late 1960s. It was the scenario of the opening episode of The Prisoner that has provided the structural narrative for Objects of Curiosity (The Prisoner). This is an extended work for double bass and piano composed for the Canadian bassist David Langstroth. It has now been developed into a single-movement concerto for double bass and string orchestra.

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