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Objects of Curiosity (The Prisoner)
For Double Bass and Piano
This is the second of three projected works that carry the title Objects of Curiosity. The first, Objects of Curiosity (SuperCity), was written in 2004 for the Kronos Quartet and focused on the work of architect-extraordinaire Will Alsop. It used as a structural device an imaginary tour around Alsop’s SuperCity exhibition in which ‘objects of curiosity and wonder’ were an important presence in his vision for a SuperCity along the M62 motorway corridor between Liverpool and Hull.

Objects of Curiosity (The Prisoner) features the work of a visionary architect from another age, Clough William-Ellis, whose legacy is largely that of his remarkable Italianate village Portmeirion on the north west coast of Wales. Just as SuperCity used an unusual structural device to articulate its music, so does The Prisoner. Here the subtitle refers to an enigmatic and allegorical British science fiction TV series of the 1960s that has in recent years has become something of a cult phenomenon with the whole 17 programme series now available on DVD. The Prisoner was shot almost entirely on location in Portmeirion and is in no small part responsible for making it a must-see visitor attraction for American and Japanese tourists.

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