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A seven movement work for wind, brass, percussion and piano. Written in 1992, revised 2007.

from Heartstone I: Chert
Heartstone completes a series of compositions written between 1986 and 1992 that mark out a pathway towards the exploration of two musical issues. The first concerns a composer's relationship between the musical event and the instrumental sound. The second investigates the ways and means of human computer interaction with the traditional techniques of music composition. Both issues come together in these compositions: from the radical Metanoia for variable ensemble written in the AMPLE music language, through the sequence of four chamber works written under the title TOUCHED BY MACHINE? which explore the tools of the MIDI studio, to Heartstone itself - the composer's first major work using an expert system.
This score for 16 players belongs to a vigorous repertoire for mixed ensemble made up of works by composers such as Louis Andriessen, Steve Martland, Graham Fitkin and Michael Torke. Here performance techniques and articulations from rock and jazz combine with the kind of ensemble synchronicity and purpose achieved by, amongst others, Steve Reich and his Musicians. Many of these scores also seek a democracy of role, interest and activity between parts and players often encouraging freedom in dynamics, articulation and choice of timbre.

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