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Objects of Curiosity I
The UK premiere of Objects of Curiosity I was given by the strings of the Ten Tors Orchestra during the Voices III Peninsula Arts Festival in Plymouth in February 2007. As composer in residence to Plymouth University's Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research Nigel Morgan gave a festival lecture on the background of this piece. The lecture titled Objects of Curiosity and the Composing Continuum can be downloaded here as a podcast or a PDF paper.

An important feature of Objects I is that the score has been written to encourage novel interpretations covering not only dynamics, articulations and changes of register, but the very ordering of the 'objects' and 'affections' that make up the piece. For such an open-form performance the composer's Active Notation System can be used across a network of computer displays with the order controlled by a playlist or even chosen in real-time by the conductor. In the performance in St Andrews Church Plymouth members of the Ten Tors Orchestra decided to give the 'affections' sections to a concertante quintet (2 violins, viola, cello, double bass) with the ripieno ensemble playing the 'objects'. This gives quite a radical reinterpretation of the piece that was entirely appropriate to the context of performance in a large church and in a programme where there was very little soloistic playing.

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