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Self Portrait (2002)

The network realisation of Self Portrait is part of continuing research into Active Notation and the use of digital score displays, which relates to the approaches to performance practice currently being investigated through the Instrumentarium Novum project. Future additions to the system will include footswitch control for solo or undirected players. It is also expected that a piece will be developed that uses computer networks along with dynamic scoring as seen in Continuum with Blues. For more detailed information concerning Self Portrait for networked musicians, the system's user manual is available to download below.

The software was developed to work on a TCP/IP protocol network of Windows machines (although a Mac version is a future possibility).



All that is required is a laptop for each player and for the musical director and a network hub with enough connections for each computer. Performers interested in using this software should contact Tonality Systems.


Study score for 'best fit' ensemble [pdf]
Annotated Symbolic Composer code [pdf]
Reference Recording [mp3]
Arrangement Tool for PC or Mac [zip]
Manual for Self Portrait for Networked Musicians [pdf]
Re-conceptualizing Performance with 'Active' Notation, a paper from the 2007 ICCMR conference [pdf]

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