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Self Portrait (2002)

Extract showing continuo group during Block 2.

This 'block composition' means that an enterprising ensemble can re-order the music to explore the material from different perspectives. And this is not all. The music has been written to allow for realisations by ensembles of differing instrumentation, as long as an ensemble represents a mix of diverse timbres: this is not a work to be played by seven solo strings! For example, a possible alternative ensemble might be: trumpet, bassoon, viola, harp, electric guitar, electric organ and double bass. Although the version presented here is the composer’s ‘best fit’ ensemble, and parts are available for it, musicians can request a pair of part books in C: one for the quartet, the other for the continuo trio, from which to build their own versions. Midifiles are also available to enable performers to create their own parts within the standard scorewriting applications (Finale, Sibelius etc)


The small application shown below can be used to explore the relationships between blocks in the composer's 'best fit' ensemble:

Click here to launch it in a seperate window
(may take a short time to load).

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