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A MIDIfile of the work is available to enable performers to create their own reference, rehearsal or continuo material. For Macintosh users the score of Metanoia can also be read from a downloadable Nightingale file into the public domain version of Nightingale Lite.

As a further aid to creating a realisation of the score, an interactive web application is provided which allows users to audition different combinations of instrumental lines from sections N, O and P, to create a texture of up to 12 parts. To launch this application, click here.

Metanoia is the central movement of triptych of pieces for variable ensemble (Obedience, Turning, Stability) that takes its inspiration variously from The Rule of St Benedict and the I Ching.


Study score in C [pdf] Metanoia MIDI files [zip]
arrangement tool (sections N-Q) [zip]
Metanoia Digital Realisation 2006 [mp3]
Orchestral Recording, Norwich Students' Orchestra, 1988 [mp3]

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