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Metanoia was commissioned in 1986 for Norwich Students Orchestra and performed in the UK and Germany by this ensemble in two quite different versions. It was the first major work of the composer to use micro-computer technology as a direct reference environment for composition. The first London performance, at the City University' Science and Music' Conference in 1987, was of a version by Peter Britton for electric guitars, sax doubling bass clarinet, horn doubling synthesizer, percussion doubling electric keyboard and computer-driven synthesizer.

Metanoia has considerable potential as a work for student musicians, particularly those attached to colleges where fielding the standard orchestral forces can be problematic. The composition has been widely performed in such circumstances, often employing large percussion sections, keyboards and guitars, brass band instruments - even recorders. The work also offers student composers and conductors a unique opportunity to experiment with orchestration. Notable student performances have taken place at the universities of Leeds and Bristol and at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

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