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La Serenissima
Concerto for Violin and Strings

La Serenissima I

La Serenissima takes its starting point from Vivaldi's L'Estro Armonico, the A minor concerto for violin and strings Op.3 No.6. It follows the approach of Nigel Morgan's Gloria in 12 parts, based on the Gloria a 12 by Giovanni Gabrieli. In both pieces the music generally observes a similar play of sound and silence, and in some instances the original rhythm as well. Such a practice has its antecedents, notably in Mozart's re-workings of symphonies by C.P.E. Bach.

Vivaldi's ordering and dimensions of solo and tutti found in his Op.3 No.6 are followed with some precision in the overall structuring of the work. The solo violin part plays throughout as leader / conductor alternating with solo passages. The first movement takes a pulsing quaver beat, which in the tutti sections are either sub-divided into mixtures of quavers and semiquavers or inserted variously with rest lengths to create a tapestry-like rhythmic accompaniment. The solo passages contain a mixture of both approaches.

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