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Gifts from the Pavement

Like Fifteen Images the focus of this work is novel tonalities, harmonic rhythm and rhythmic articulation. The final bar of each miniature is an abstract of one of twelve tonalities devised algorithmically for the work. This is not sounded out but may provide the source of any additional melodic material, which could be played by an additional solo instrument or be merged into the improvised material devised by the keyboard player. Unlike Fifteen Images and Signature Moments, time signatures are in evidence providing a trigger for the addition of loops,
riffs and grooves  for  the optional bass and jazz percussion. Dynamics are ad lib and the tempo, articulation and expressive markings should be a guide, no more. 

The preferred instrument for Gifts from the Pavement is the Fender Rhodes electric piano, an instrument that features in many of the composer's ensemble works, notably Conversations in Colour and Six Concertos.

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