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Gifts from the Pavement

There are 32 miniatures in this collection, each lasting around 20 seconds. Each miniature is linked to one of the Alice Fox's photographs taken from her exhibition book Gifts from the Pavement

In the first instance the player becomes acquainted with the music in the published order playing from a PDF of this score. Later, having downloaded the software version of the score for a laptop or tablet computer's visual display, the player may arranged the miniatures in any order, the order being entered on a playlist and its progress triggered by a foot pedal to avoid removing the hands from the keyboard.

Musical instructions are kept to a minimum throughout and the player is invited to develop the work from its twenty-second per miniature format towards a performance lasting about 30 minutes. Not only can the structure of the miniatures be arranged in open form, but also the internal organization of each miniature's music. Thus, each bar of music might be considered as an independent musical object. This means that the player may extend each miniature through repetition, variation and free improvisation. 

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