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Shoals: Sons de Mar

As animateur for Sounding the Deep Nigel Morgan devised a series of ‘meet the composer' workshops for the ensembles during June and July of 2011 and completed the six final scores in January 2012. Most of these pieces were based in some way or other on that initial workshop material.
The music is generally challenging for all ensembles, in content and technique. Three scores use experimental procedures found in Computer Assisted Composition - a percussion octet, a string dectet and a string quartet.

The other three are more freely composed to respond to the special nature of the ensembles - a two-part junior choir, a very large ensemble of cellos and a wind quintet.

Blaze for percussion ensemble imagines a large ensemble of 55 instruments as a European gamelan.

To the Dark Unseen is for a dectet of two solo muted violins, two string trios (one tuned a whole tone lower than the other) and two double basses.

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