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Sense of Place

The four sonatas for solo viola and the Ludus Tonalis for piano by Paul Hindemith are further reference points for Sense of Place. Hindemith like Morgan was a composer who believed fervently in performing his own work. These sonatas written between 1919 and 1937 provide fascinating source material to embed in music for a house so influenced by the Bauhaus aesthetic to which Hindemith felt so drawn to.

The (optional) soundscape aspect of Sense of Place has been afforded by the opportunity to record this new score in the rooms of High Cross itself, and alongside the unique tapestry installation by Jilly Edwards. Nigel has long wished to include aspects of natural soundscape in his work, indeed

the forthcoming piano work Sheltering Silence (a meditation on Basil Bunting's modernist poem Briggflatts) will feature a soundscape from a Cumbrian garden. What is proposed for Sense of Place is an almost subliminal surrounding of the music by the sounds of the natural world outside and exploring the particular acoustical qualities of each of the seven rooms inside. For the opening the composer has, in collaboration with sound designer Phil Legard, created a preliminary version of the soundscape. This plays from small domestic digital picture frames positioned strategically throughout the house. Examples of these soundscape ‘seasons' can be auditioned on the download section of this presentation.

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