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Sense of Place

Sense of Place references music for a soloist that has strong associations with Dartington and the Bauhaus tradition, notably compositions by J.S.Bach and Paul Hindemith.

Bach is a composer that holds a particular association with Dartington's past through the pioneering work in the 1950s of Imogen Holst, the daughter of Gustav Holst and herself a composer and educator. Bach's music was a particular touchstone for Ms Holst who created memorable community performances of Bach's Mass in B Minor and the
St John Passion. Nigel Morgan has long felt an affinity with Imogen, who he met in 1972, as she was one of the forerunners of the Arts Council's regional Music Animateur placements, a position Nigel occupied in the 1980s producing community-based work such as Spring Manoeuvres (1986). Nigel has chosen movements from Bach's cello suites to reference within Sense of Place, imagining the great cellist Pablo Casals playing at High Cross during his occasional visits to Dartington in the 1950s. You can hear an example of how Nigel has mediated three sarabandes by J.S. Bach within the third movement of Dreaming Aloud.

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