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Sense of Place

Jilly Edwards: Textures of Memory (2005) cotton warp, wool, cotton, chenille and linen weft 5 x 120 cm

The ambitious musical structure of this four-movement concert work is a further example of the composer's engagement with algorithmic music and Open Form. In this respect the music starts where Dreaming Aloud (2001) ends. Unlike that five-movement virtuoso concert piece written for the remarkable American guitarist Alan Thomas, Sense of Place has been designed for intimate recording, and for gallery performances by the composer, himself an accomplished guitarist.

The core ideas of the work come from investigating possible
dialogues between known and unknown (inside and outside). Here juxtapositions of open string resonances and natural harmonics will play with pitches 'outside' the fixed tonality of the guitar's 6 strings (E A D G B E). Interspersed there are various percussive and rhythmic effects that have their origin in the intimate sounds of tapestry weaving. Like the composer's Fifteen Images the score will be available in an Active Notation format to enable the performer to design a personal pathway through the work and to control in concert performance both aspects of the soundscape (by Phil Legard) and images (by Mei Lim).

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