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L-Systems built from the axioms used in Treeness.

A Short Introduction to L-Systems

Lindenmayer Systems, or L-Systems, provide a grammar for the construction of self-similar objects through the recusive use of simple substitution rules. For example:

Rules: A=B, B=BA

If we begin with the symbol "A" and then use the above subsitution rules the following sequences will emerge:


Both Treeness and Heartstone use the same set of rules:

Rules: A=BC, B=BBAD, C=CCDA_, D=A__BC

To the left is a graphical representation of these rules. For example: instances of B may interpreted as drawing a line forward, C as rotating 45 degrees, and so forth.

For more information about the use of L-Systems in computer composition please consult the annotated code for Heartstone available to download here.

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