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Quatuor des Timbres
For an ensemble of mixed timbres

from I. Four Necessary Chorales
Quatuor des Timbres (A Quartet of Timbres) was written between 20 May and 17 June 2002. In this short period a number of major technical innovations developed which have laid the foundations for the series of orchestral music Instrumentarium Novum begun in 2003. The objective of Quatuor des Timbres was to investigate different and formal ways an ensemble of instruments of different timbres might interact with one another within particular musical situations.


The music looks backwards to devices from the Renaissance (vocal and instrumental setting of a Psalm text) and the Baroque (chorales); performance instructions are kept to a minimum, and any that are present should be considered as a guide, no more.

The music looks forward in unique 'playful' open-form structures that develop from algorithmic computation modeling the activity and density of sound within an ensemble of instruments across time.

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