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from Heartstone VI: Paramoudra
Heartstone documents the potential of purely symbolic composition and the composer's developing relationship with a new language for imagining and designing music. The seven movement score uses a wide variety of generative devices, in particular fractal algorithms, associative structures, L-systems and the Fibonacci series. The music is recursive; it seeks to come to an understanding about its nature, content and context by creating descriptions of itself, in terms of itself. There is a high level of self-similarity present throughout; the pitch design of one short phrase may also provide a template for the structure of a whole movement.
  Heartstone was written for the conductor and oboist Timothy Redmond and the RNCM wind orchestra. Its first performance was given in 1995 in a version for symphonic band (now withdrawn) by the Wind Orchestra of University College Bretton Hall (now Leeds University) with Barry Russell as the solo pianist.

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