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A Year of Colour
Twelve Songs for Chamber Choir (SATB)

From December Colours.

In November 2011 I wrote the words and music for an unaccompanied choral work to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend at the end of a particularly colourful autumn. I called it  November Colours. The words were 'coloured' with six descriptive titles found in a paint catalogue, and not just any paint catalogue, but that of the renowned Farrow and Ball, of Wimborne in Dorset. This uniquely British company says of itself 'we are devoted to producing unparalleled paints and wallpapers that transform homes around the world. We are paint perfectionists, creating unmatched paint colours using only the finest ingredients and age-old methods which have withstood the test of time and the
passage of many a fickle fad.'

Almost a year later I returned to develop the idea further in A Year of Colour - twelve songs for chamber choir (SATB). I commissioned the artist Alice Fox, to select six Farrow and Ball colours for each month of the calendar year.

From her selection I wrote the remaining poems always starting from her six chosen colour descriptions.

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