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The Conscience Pure
Three Quaker texts appropriate to the mid-winter season, for soprano voice and guitar

The Quakers, known today as The Religious Society of Friends, have their origins in the Puritan sects of 17th century Britain. They hold to no creed, they have no liturgy or established doctrine, their religious services are meetings held in silence. What might be said to constitute a theology is a rich tradition of testimonial writing of personal experience; it is from this tradition three texts have been chosen, one from the late 17th century, one from the mid 19th and one from the 20th. The texts are linked by their association with the mid winter season when Quakers, who in earlier times

did not recognize Christmas as a special day, nevertheless use the mid winter festival as an opportunity for meditation and reflection.

The Conscience Pure is taken from the words of the Quaker mystic Isaac Penington (1616 - 1679) whose writings were published in 4 volumes in 1681.  This text was found in a collection of inter-generational readings brought together for the Christmas Gatherings of Manasquan Meeting in New Jersey, USA.

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