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Sounding the Deep
Recital Version and Vocal Score

Sounding the Deep was commissioned in March 2011 by the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra as a work for orchestra and bass voice for performance in March 2012 as part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrations in the city of Hull. The composition tells the story of such exploration in the words of a remarkable zoologist and explorer, the American William Beebe (1877 - 1962), the father of ocean ecology and the first man to descend ‘a half mile down'.

Beebe (pronounced Bee - be) was the David Attenborough of his day, a remarkable scientist, writer, and communicator. Friend of movie stars and presidents, he was a best-selling author and ‘must-hear' lecturer.

Indeed, in Sounding the Deep, Beebe is portrayed by the bass soloist giving one of his celebrated lectures - probably a first for a musical composition.

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