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In 2011 Nigel Morgan embarked on a large-scale project to create a series of works about the early explorations of the ocean depths. The centrepiece of this project is a work for bass voice and orchestra called Sounding the Deep. In this twenty-minute piece, the soloist takes the role of the explorer and zoologist William Beebe who made the first deep ocean descents in the 1930s.

Surrounding the composition of Sounding the Deep is a sequence of vocal and instrumental works:

Songs of the Deep for bass voice and piano sets poems by Robert Francis, Rudyard Kipling and Walt Whitman.

Shoals is a series of works for student ensembles - a string decet, a string quartet, a wind quintet, cello and percussion ensembles, and a choir.

Migrations, a study for orchestra, completes this sequence and was written to experiment with a mode of orchestration based on register rather than orchestral timbre.

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