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The Facts According to Gatto Marte
Fifteen Scenarios for Devising Ensemble (and Active Notation)

Gatto Marte at the Auditorium of Capiago (Como, Italy) - May 6th, 2006

Gatto Marte is a chamber ensemble of classical background with an attitude close to jazz and a twist of folk music, from Eastern Europe through the Mediterranean towards the North. To say they are ensemble of violin, bassoon, piano and double bass hides the fact that at every turn of the page they may transform themselves into something else - percussionists, vocalists, banjo-players, home-made instrumentalists, sound effects specialists - anything and everything that makes their music come alive: to tell stories, to accompany film and puppet theatre, to give new life to old songs and to invent new songs with echoes of past traditions and styles.
Nigel Morgan is the first composer from outside the quartet to be invited to write for this unique ensemble. He's chosen to compose a 45-minute work as part of his expanding Facts of Life series. He's chosen to write 'The Facts according to Gatto Marte'!

The score is a collaboration with technologist Phil Legard who will develop a series of software tools for the practice and performance of the work.

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